initiational circumstances

Image Copyright Kim Upton, 2014

Image Copyright Kim Upton, 2014


stained glass soul works
is an inside job

We are human lights, ghosts of stars long gone.

Sometimes my entire being gets pulled into a place of deep compassion.
Nearly bursting, my Cancerian heart strings feel like tightly woven spider’s webs.

That plastic bad doesn’t know that it is ugly, until we tell it so.
And why must we condemn others for their ignorance,
While force feeding them our altruistic vibrations.

“We only taught those simple minded idiots what was good for them.
It is best, now, that they know who they are.  No need for actually helping them,
or giving them aid.  Let’s tell them how they are killing the planet, or pillaging
the Good Green Earth.  Why should we show them a new way…when putting them down
is working just fine.”

All the prophets, mystics, sages, outliers and others with hearts bigger than we know
have shared this simple message with us: “be the change, an example, a fearless open-heart wanderer.”

What if we were brave enough to say, to the entire Universe
(that cheeky word “one turned into one whole”)
I love you.

And to do this just because you sense the arcane
Beauty in chaos,
the sublime gorgeousness
of the out of tune
nature of being
a human
on the planet Earth.

~ KU  -  April 14, 2014

catching up

Image Copyright Kim Upton, 2014

Image Copyright Kim Upton, 2014

life at the crossroads
of my reflection
is sometimes intense
to watch from outside

but it is an okay place
because this is where I dance
between the divine sacred
and the jocular profane

an understanding
from within my soul
is all that I want
from the me, myself

~ KU  -  April 13, 2014